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Where does
miki come

(mee -

The name ‘Miki’ was born on a trip to Cuba, my father’s birthplace. As my partner and I waded in the pool one day, my father’s childhood friends told me and my partner that we were so “Miki.”

A subgroup of “cool kids” in Havana, Mikis are some of the first generation since the revolution with regular access to the internet. The name originates from “Mickey”, as in Mickey Mouse, a nod to the Mikis infatuation with iconic culture.

Inspired by Los Mikis of Havana, Miki was born. Like our namesake, we are driven by the digital world, global culture, and the emergence of brands in our collective consciousness.

Who we are

Miki is a digital marketing agency that works with a variety of DTC and mission-driven brands, to hone their voice and bring their marketing strategies to life.

Miki is founded and headed by Anthony Espino. With 5 years experience working with international brands, Anthony has taken a leading role in helping startups of all varieties, in every stage - from pre-launched brands to fully-fledged and established companies. Our belief is connection exists between everything and everyone; tapping into that connection maintains the authenticity and humanity deeply valued by the consumers of tomorrow.

Our clients include


Spring Studios

Peet Rivko


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Email Marketing
Paid Media
Social Media
Content Creation